A Castle by the Sea and a Riverbottoms Residence

Jun 18, 2013  By Thomasville

The Warners, an Illinois-based family, came to us once again to help them furnish their newly acquired home in Provo, Utah. After previously working with Thomasville Home Furnishings, the Warners knew just where to go for luxury furniture for their new vacation home.

Our 30,000-square foot showroom was an exciting, rare find for the Warners and interior design and planning quickly began. The scope of the work at that time was three floors of a spacious and elegant home nestled in the Provo Riverbottoms. Our Thomasville Utah team worked feverishly for three days to provide the Warners with a fully furnished home – mostly from our inventory – for their vacations here. They were impressed not only with our ability to design the new home space to their liking, but also the timely and professional manner in which we were able to deliver and install their sizeable order of fine furniture and luxury home furnishings.

Upon the completion of the Provo home furnishing project, the Warners then invited us to furnish their recently purchased home in Highland Beach, Florida. A Thomasville Utah interior designer and our professional installation team journeyed to Florida for the next project the Warners had in store for us. This “castle by the sea” as the homeowners lovingly called it, is truly that—a 9,000-square foot Tuscan villa on the ocean.

There is an air and a lightness to it that is magical. The travertine and Jerusalem stones are creamy and warm. The verandas and decks are amazing. The infinity pool is an incredible transition to the sand and water below. The clients desired to outfit the new home with classic whites and creams, folding in touches of azure and fresh Florida turquoise, so as to bring the outdoors in and create an atmosphere of serenity and restfulness. The Thomasville Utah team used rich mahogany and cherry as chromatic counterpoints to the stunning whites and to mirror the striking architectural ceiling treatments.

A warm thank you goes to the Warners for choosing Thomasville Utah and allowing us to be a part of these two incredible projects.



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