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Jun 25, 2013  By Thomasville

The word “trend” gets a bad rap. People always jump to be the first to have new trends, and are so hasty to rid themselves of the trend once it’s on the way out. Often treated like fickle teenage romances, trends don’t always “come and go” like we think. So before you write off what you think will be just like one of the dozen significant others you had in high school, it’s important to understand why you should pay attention to trending designs.

Trends are often confused with fads, but note the very defining difference: trends are more sustained and have the potential for long-term influence, especially when it comes to home furnishings and interior decorating. However, fads are short lived and fade faster than a fleeting summertime romance. Yet, the hard part comes when it’s time to determine if something is a long-lasting trend or a passing fad—much like your high school romance, right?

As interior design experts, we know how to differentiate between a trend and fad. We’re all about classic pieces that reflect today, but will still be current in years to come. So take our word for it, you don’t want that neon green couch. Try these timeless trends for home décor instead:

  • Neutrals and Brights– Neutral colors have long been a design staple. Grey and charcoal, and taupe and cream body fabrics, with pops of bright colors, like orange and yellow, make for a quintessential, yet fresh look. The best part about neutral base pieces is that if you get tired of the oranges or yellows, you can always switch out smaller, less expensive items to create a whole new look.
  • Minimalist Designs– While minimalistic styles aren’t for everyone, they are for anyone attracted to simplicity. Luxury furniture looks even more sophisticated with clean lines and basic shapes that make for a spacious and updated look. Uncomplicated and contemporary, a minimalist design will outlast the test of time.
  • Mixing Materials– Using a variety of materials in one piece of furniture is a great way to create a distinctive look for your new home. Mixing woods with metals, especially brass, is coming on strongly. Currently, one of our new lines, known as Reinventions, combines cast iron, metal, and weathered wood elements to give pieces a unique and industrial feel.
  • Furniture Finishes– Adding the finishes to home furnishings is the final touch, and adding the right ones is essential. Popular finishes include acrylic (see-through), painted, and metallic.

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