3 Ways to Discover Your Style

Jul 05, 2013  By Thomasville

You have likely heard of an armchair quarterback (If you haven’t, it’s someone who thinks they know more about the game than the coaches—usually calling out plays from their armchair in front of the TV), but have you ever heard of an armchair interior designer? In the same way some sports fans watch football, devising game plans as if they were the players themselves, I sit in front of my television and computer, critiquing contractors and disapproving design decisions. I am caught up in the culture of extreme makeovers; fascinated with watching talented people (and the occasional obnoxious man with a bullhorn) transform ordinary rooms into unique and creative living spaces. And I always have an opinion on the final product. 

Discovering my own style came from watching others at work. It was a process of accepting some design choices, while quietly (or loudly) rejecting others. So, from my armchair to yours, here are three ways to help you discover your style when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home.

1. Use Pinterest boards or similar online communities

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website that allows users to create and browse “pinboards” of themed image collections, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply type in a search term, such as “interior design,” “traditional furniture” or “home décor” and voila: you have access to nearly limitless ideas for furnishing and decorating your home. If you’ re looking for a good place to start gathering ideas, try visiting some of the other places we mention in this post.

2.  Browse design magazines and websites

While you’re nice and cozy in that armchair, browse through a design magazine or website to discover your style. Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, and Utah Style, just to name a few, are great places to read design articles, peruse photo collections and gather inspiration for your home decorating project.

3.  Visit a showroom floor

Although inspiration can come from any source, perhaps the best way to discover your style is by browsing furniture and home decorations up close and in person. This experience allows you to see and touch the furniture and even talk to an expert about designing and space. Thomasville Utah’s 30,000-square foot showroom exhibits the highest quality home furnishings in Utah and is a great place to find that unique piece to complement your newly-discovered, tasteful style.

Now, recline, relax and follow these tips to start discovering your style. And once you’ve found it, don’t be afraid to hop out of that armchair and show the world.

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