An Award Winning Parade of Homes

Jul 16, 2013  By Thomasville

When I was little, my parents took me along to tour model homes. Even at my young age, I remember feeling awestruck as we made our way through these homes. Beyond the crown molding, tray ceilings, shiny hardwood floors, and grand entrances, what really stood out to me were the home furnishings.

In fact, the luxury home furnishings stood out to me so much so that my family and I would continue to see model homes each year at the various Parade of Homes events throughout the state. It was always exciting to walk in the door and have no idea what to expect—each home was different inside. Some homes were filled with rustic furniture, perfect for a vacation home or cabin retreat. Others incorporated modern furniture and home décor that looked like it was something out of a movie. Whatever lay inside the outer walls, it was always exhilarating to discover each home’s interior design.

The same exhilarating feeling returns with each Parade of Homes, but for those of us at Thomasville Utah, the most recent Parade of Homes event has been especially exciting. Thomasville Home Furnishings received awards for spectacular interior design and home furnishings in the 2013 Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes.

The award-winning model home located in Farmington, Utah was constructed and designed by Martineau Homes—an experienced leader in building quality, custom homes. Interior design services were provided by the talented Karen Bailey, also from Martineau Homes. Without the detail-oriented craftsmanship and commitment to excellence of Martineau Homes, this traditional craftsman style home would not have won every single award that was offered in this year’s parade.

We are privileged to have worked with Martineau Homes and combine their homebuilding expertise with our fine furniture and luxury home furnishings to create a true dream home. We’ll look forward to more Parade of Homes events and continue to be just excited about what’s inside as outside.

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