How to Prepare for Summer with Outdoor Furniture

Jul 12, 2013  By Chris

As you well know, or have felt by this heat, summer is definitely here. This means getting outside, putting up the volleyball net, blowing the leaves (and disgruntled hornets) out of the grill, and gearing up for outdoor parties.

The trouble with these outdoor events, however, is that they are, well…outdoors. Everything you’d need for a regular party—the sofas, the tables, the karaoke set—are all inside, and your unsatisfied guests are starting to mill around, stretching their legs, looking a bit like those disgruntled hornets. There’s nowhere for them to sit, nowhere for them to get out of the sun, and nowhere for them to sing the greatest hits of James Taylor.

As responsible, party-hosting adults, it’s important for you to know that your kids’ trampoline does not count as outdoor seating. Nor does the sandbox. However, investing in outdoor furniture can really make your gatherings the hot spot for summer, thus solving your disgruntled guest problems.

Now, for those of you who are new to the patio furniture scene, here’s a beginner’s guide to outdoor furnishings. Note that trampolines do not make the list, and we feel we don’t even need to mention lawn gnomes or pink flamingos. You can decorate yourself, or look into getting some of these items to round out your backyard barbecues.

Benches- These can vary from your traditional, stadium-style bleacher seating to more elegant stone options. Benches can be set directly in flowerbeds or around other existing structures, benefitting from the shade of nearby trees or gazebos.

Day beds/chaises- Great for relaxing, chaises can be made from wicker, stone, wood or other rustic furniture materials (while still being waterproofed and fit to be left outdoors).

Gazebos and other shade structures- Gazebos can be as ornate as a fixed, custom-built structure (picture where the band would be playing during an outdoor reception), or as temporary and mobile as ready-made, canopy-like tent materials. Umbrellas and other deck awnings also fall under this category.

Ottomans- Just like the footstools near your fine furniture indoors, these outdoor models can vary from large, boxlike structures with heavy cushions (again, all waterproof) to more conservative wooden models.

Patio sets- Better than your average picnic table—Matched sets bring a sense of taste to your backyard while still serving the important function of being a table and chairs.

Sofas, sectionals and loveseats- Exactly like your luxury home furnishings indoors, these sofas come with waterproof coverings and a variety of building materials.

Still uncertain of how to proceed? Here are some great tips for buying outdoor furniture, or come into the Thomasville Utah store and get expert advice on how to decorate your outdoor space both tastefully and functionally.

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