California Casual – Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Aug 09, 2013  By Chris

There’s something so quintessentially West Coast about whitewashed wood, a blurred line between indoors and outdoors, and pops of bright color. With a laidback vibe and a hint of an ocean breeze, you can almost feel your toes dig into the sand as you close your eyes. A light and all too fresh feel mixed with a well put together, timeless look creates a unique home décor style known as California Casual.

So put your flip-flops on, grab your favorite book, and don’t forget your chic sunglasses, we’re about to hit the beach house of the recent Utah Valley Parade of Homes.

This California Casual home, which won the People’s Choice Award this year, was designed and constructed by McEwan Custom Homes with Interior Designer, Nicole Camp, spearheading the project. While the West Coast home décor style lays inside the home, the outer walls compromised of different sized Merrillstone and Sawtelle stones combined with stunning architecture are not to be overlooked. But just inside the grand entryway, there are some interior design characteristics that make this home quintessentially California.




Bright Colors and Fun Patterns

To embrace the fun loving nature of a laid back lifestyle, bright colors and lively patterns make for a great space that exudes an informal, carefree feel. Geometric shapes also add a touch of contemporary.



Incorporating Light

White is always clean, crisp, and fresh; not to mention, it reflects light. Sherwin Williams Whitetail gives the wooden cabinets and tray ceiling a light, beachy feel. In addition, recessed lighting adds more dimension and reflection to the home. The bath also uses a Sherwin Williams hue, Cardboard, and is offset nicely with Marazzi, Arte, Bianco & Surface Art, and Sienna Cross Cut Fossil.







Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Large windows and a well-decorated patio space promote the natural surroundings and encourage an outdoor lifestyle.




Adding Natural Elements

Rich hardwood floors feature the rugged beauty and remind us of the tall Redwoods that are always associated with the West Coast. Shaw, Color Brite Angel, and Canyon Crest are used here. Adding tropical flowers or floral arrangements also helps create a relaxed, tranquil feeling.







Referencing History

In many California Casual home designs, there is a throwback reference to a certain time in history. Retro home décor that mimics that of the 60s or 70s if often used, but what about referencing a historical time period much further back? In the Utah Valley Parade of Homes, this home created a creative and unique play area for children inspired by the West. The general store is representative of something from the Wild Wild West, while the gas pump gives it that retro feel.


Well, the beach is this way and we’re headed that way. So we’ll leave you alone to enjoy the cool breeze, relax, and continue to marvel over this amazing California Casual home created by McEwan Custom Homes, designed by Nicole Camp, and furnished by yours truly. Don’t forget the umbrella for your drink!

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