2013 Park City Area Showcase of Homes – Mountain Contemporary Meets Asian Influence

Sep 24, 2013  By Tammy

Mixing styles can be difficult—and as an interior designer, I know this all too well. Styles, patterns, textures, and home décor elements don’t always have to match, but they certainly can’t clash.

While designing for one of the recent 2013 Park Area City Showcase of Homes, I knew that the homeowners wanted to mix elements of mountain contemporary while also incorporating Asian influences. Since rustic furniture and mountain interior design style can differ substantially from contemporary furniture or Asian-inspired home décor, I knew that I had to be careful, yet clever in how I combined the two styles.

Given that the home was designed to give a mountain feel to complement the natural beauty that surrounds it, yet pull together soft, contemporary Asian influences, the use of different textures like stone and metal, was key. These fine furniture pieces are sharp and simple, yet fresh and inviting. In addition, by using dark, rich woods with sleek lines and then adding bright pops of color, we were able create a clean, warm, and livable space in this new home. I love the living room for this reason—I love the bold colors! Not to mention the custom pool table, which makes this space truly unique.

This new home constructed by Douglas Knight Construction was truly a fun and rewarding experience for me, all of us at Thomasville Utah, and, most importantly, the Park City homeowners. I enjoyed helping them as a designer to imagine, design, and create their dream home with the perfect blended style. See more by watching the video below.


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