Furniture Perfect for Hallways

May 09, 2017  By Thomasville

Hallways are usually functional necessities, not architectural attractions. But that doesn’t mean they have to be a decorating backwater. Adding quality furniture can make a hallway inviting, and make moving through the house as pleasing as settling down in a favorite chair. See whether one of these ideas might work for the through-spaces in your home:


Slender sofa and console tables are perfect for narrow hallways or entry walls. With their shallow depth and open space underneath, they don’t take up much space physically or visually. In an entry, you can kick shoes off or stow baskets underneath. For a wider entry, choose a round table. A piece of quality furniture right at the door sets the tone for the rest of your home, and the curved shape allows for easy traffic flow.

Storage furniture:

We tend to carry a lot of stuff into and around the house with us, and furniture that gives you a place to put it can be a terrific clutter-buster. Drawers for keys and pocket change can save you from the daily hunt. Plenty of quality furniture is built with hallways in mind, with drawers, cubbies, or cabinet doors that let you stash scarves and gloves and shopping bags out of sight. Depending on the width of your hallway, even a shallow dresser can work. For a true hallway at the entrance, particularly the back door, consider whether you have space for an entryway organizer, which usually includes coat hooks, some sort of bench with storage below, and more cubbies or shelves overhead. Bookshelves lining a long hallway can be both a storage and decorating boon in an otherwise dull space.


Seating in an entry makes great functional sense, as a place to leash the dog or take off and put on shoes and boots. You’re looking for a perch, not deep seating to relax in, so although you want quality furniture that will take a beating, a narrow bench or settee works well. Dining chairs, which tend to be upright and space-conscious, are often good candidates. If the space is very small, you may have room for a stool or pouf that tucks underneath the table.


Don’t forget to decorate your hallway space. Lighting transforms a hallway from a foreboding cavern into a passage that invites you to the next destination, and provides the extra benefit of showcasing your quality furniture. Banquet lamps cast warm pools of light on a console table. A hinged-arm desk lamp focuses attention on a special object. On the wall, hang a large mirror to widen and brighten the space, or let a gallery display or a statement piece of graphic art create interest. For a finishing touch, the right rug grounds the space and draws you forward.

With quality furniture and thoughtful design, you can transform your hallway from a throwaway space into a beautiful bridge between the spaces you love.

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