3 Home Design Tips That Will Eliminate Kid Clutter

Aug 23, 2017  By Thomasville

Where there are kids, there’s clutter. It’s a fact of life. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t design your home in a way that keeps clutter at bay. Here are 3 of the best interior design ideas with kid clutter in mind.

1. Open Floor Plan

When spaces are cramped, they feel cluttered. Add a few toys to the mix and scatter a few hundred Legos on the ground and it can feel like you’re drowning. Instead of trying to fight the constant battle of clean versus clutter, embrace it with an open floor plan. Open floor plans are great for families with kids. While it’s true that one room’s clutter is visible from just about every adjoining space, open floor plans are light, airy, and spacious, with plenty of room between your furniture and home décor arrangements. Sure, your kids’ toys and messes are on display, but at least your home won’t feel like individually quarantined areas of clutter.

2. Ample Storage

If you’re looking to eliminate clutter, it makes sense to have smart storage solutions throughout your home. And, we’re not just talking closet space. Storage solutions have expanded beyond the traditional to include walls, containers, even furniture. In fact, customizing your own furniture with added storage space is a great way to minimize messes. And, for kids’ rooms, try wall cubbies, bookcases, and built-in window seats that double as toy chests.

3. Backpack Station

One clever way of reducing clutter is to install a backpack station right next to the garage or backdoor. When kids come home from school, they hang up their backpacks, coats, and anything else they might be carrying. With several cubbyholes per station, and one station per child, there’s no reason your kids’ school junk should ever clutter your entryway, dining table, and TV room again.

The best interior design ideas have both form and function. And, what better function can design serve than to reduce the clutter in your home? Your kids might be here to stay, but that shouldn’t mean their clutter has to stick around, too.

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