Classy Halloween Décor Ideas That Won’t Cause a Scare

Oct 06, 2017  By Thomasville

“Restraint” and “elevated taste” aren’t usually terms that you’ll find anywhere near “Halloween decor ideas.” Halloween is supposed to be fun, and over-the-top holiday decor is great, but maybe you love your home the way it is. If you want to celebrate without giving your decor over to Halloween kitch, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started:

Play with pumpkins:

There’s no limit to the Halloween decor ideas that can be applied to the lowly pumpkin. Look for artistic interpretations—pumpkins made of glass, fabric, glazed or painted ceramics, wood, paper. Or start with real pumpkins and spray-paint them gold, or black, or to match your decor. Wrap them in lace and spray paint over it for a stenciled effect. And don’t overlook the beautiful white or gray-green pumpkins you can pull into your other fall decor in a more natural—but elevated—arrangement.

Stick to black and white:

Black and white lay a sophisticated foundation for any home decor, and they have the same effect on Halloween decor ideas. Create a montage in black and white over your entry table, with black frames and white mattes setting off black-and-white images, skeleton keys, pen-and-ink drawings, black-paper silhouettes, and so on. Anchor an arrangement of black branches with white pumpkins.

Choose a sophisticated theme:

Halloween decor ideas tend toward the crazy and loud, but one way to rein things in is to stick to a literary or artistic theme. Suggest Sleepy Hollow with colonial-style lanterns and equestrian details. Evoke Edgar Allen Poe or Nathaniel Hawthorne with Victorian shadow profiles, a raven, a black plume and inkwell, a worn linen tablecloth. Include a pile of antique books, or cover newer-looking books with parchment. For an artistic theme, assemble a collection of colorful Dia de los Muertos prints and figures.

Use the beautiful accessories you have:

If vases, platters, trays, mirrors, and other accessories you love are already in your home, use them as the foundation that will naturally connect your Halloween decor ideas to your existing decor. Fill a crystal vase with bones, miniature skulls, or mini pumpkins. Spray-paint pumpkins, pine cones, and nuts to match your decor and arrange them on a tray. Copy lines from a spooky poem or story onto a mirror with dry-erase marker. Put black shades on existing lamps.

Light with candles and lanterns:

There’s nothing like flickering candlelight to add mystery. Cover hurricanes, jars, or other glass candle covers with black lace. Make Halloween lumarias out of frosted jars or other colored glass vessels and march them up the stairs or along a hallway. Tapers are especially evocative enhancements for your Halloween decor ideas. Gather that odd assortment of old-fashioned candlesticks you haven’t used in years onto a tray and light the tapers, allowing the wax to drip. Or use wine bottles, or a mix of bottles, perhaps with custom labels.

Pierce your pumpkins:

Forget carved faces. You can elevate the lowly jack-o-lantern to a piece of art. Rather than do your decorative work with a knife, use a drill to make patterns of large or small holes. Not only is it easier than traditional carving, the results are limitless and stunning. For Halloween decor ideas and patterns that start with a drill, this article is a good place to get some inspiration.

If you want to keep your beautiful home just the way you like it, these Halloween decor ideas will let you do it and still celebrate the holiday in style.

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