How to Create a Warm, Welcoming Home During Chilly Weather

Nov 20, 2017  By Thomasville

What constitutes comfortable furniture is decided by the construction, but what tells you it’s comfortable has more to do with textures, colors, and staging. As the weather becomes uncomfortable, people want to see the visual cues that they’ve found a place to nestle and stay when they come inside. Use these design tips to create a more welcoming home this winter:

Bring the fireplace to the front and center: Whether your fireplace is gas or wood, whether you light it often or only once or twice a year, it’s time for your fireplace to be your room’s focal point. Decorate the mantle. Set a basket on the hearth with wood, kindling, pinecones. Rearrange your room, if necessary, so that comfortable furniture invites you to sit by the fire.

Layer on the texture: The knowledge that it takes layers to keep warm is wired deep into our brains, so abundance communicates comfort. Put out more pillows, more throws, more rugs, more textiles. Seek rich texture in the items you put out—thick cable-woven throws, faux-fur pillows, nubby cottons and wools, stitched quilts. Now is the time for winter pattern, as well—houndstooth and plaids. You may even want to swap out your draperies, especially if you’ve had lightweight summer whites at the windows.

Create cozy spots: Create furniture groupings of comfortable furniture for the things you love to do indoors in the winter. Deep chairs in a corner, with a lamp and throws, are an invitation to snuggle up with a good book. Suggest a spot for games, puzzles, and projects with a table and chairs pulled up to the fire or a window. Ottomans tell people to put their feet up. If you have hobbies you spend winter evenings pursuing, gather and arrange supplies, such as a basket of yarn or quilting pieces.

Celebrate dining: Invite family and guests to gather around the kitchen or dining table with comfortable furniture for seating. An upholstered banquette arrangement gives you another place to add texture and layers. Choose upholstered dining chairs so that your guests are comfortable enough to spend the evening enjoying a leisurely meal. Dress the table with fabric and seasonal, natural centerpieces. Consider setting up a table by the fireplace for a cozy, intimate dinner for two.

Be deliberate with your lighting: Winter gives us more hours of darkness, which makes winter the season when your lighting design can really shine. Physical components may determine comfortable furniture, but it’s lighting that invites people to sit and stay, so use lamps to create pools of light that draw people toward seating spots. Banish gloomy recesses with accent lights under and above cabinets and shelves. Draw attention to art or other focal points with directed lighting. Include candles in your tablescapes and centerpieces for a warm glow nothing else can mimic. With gold-toned metals you can reflect light and warm it even further.

Comfortable furniture is the foundation of a cozy room, and with a few extra touches you’ll enjoy it even more this winter.

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