Mudroom Furniture Ideas

Dec 04, 2017  By Thomasville

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Your mom might have failed to mention, though, that the more of everything you can capture in the entry, the less of it you have to make a place for in the rest of the house. Furniture ideas for the mudroom and entry are all about matching the space you have to the use you want to make of it. Here are some good places to start:

A wardrobe cabinet:

Full-height wardrobe cabinets are great furniture ideas if your coat closet is in a different location than the door you use most. The mudroom is an unexpected place to use an armoire, as well, but the combination of hanging and drawer storage makes them ideal for entries.

A place to sit:

Make sure there’s a place to sit or to put a foot up and tie your shoe. There are as many furniture ideas to do the job as there are different mudrooms. If your space is tiny, a folding stool tucks away when you don’t need it. If you have a little more space, benches are ideal. Use the space underneath to tuck shoes and boots away, or keep storage baskets there. Or choose a bench with built-in storage in the form of cubbies or drawers. You can even repurpose other storage furniture. Top an entertainment center or other low shelving units with a cushion and take advantage of the plentiful drawers and shelves.

Open shelving:

Bookshelves or shelving units are great furniture ideas for mudrooms. They have the advantage of being available in so many sizes that you can end up with a nearly custom fit for the space you have. Plus, open storage lets you see what you have so you can put things away and retrieve them easily. Fill the shelves with baskets, dishes, and sorters to contain all you want to keep by the door, and then style them to make even your utility space beautiful.

Hanging storage:

Whether you’re in the garage, a closet, the kitchen, or the office, a key to all organization is to hang everything you can. Furniture ideas to help you include shelves, drawer units, or cubbies you can mount on the wall. For storage you don’t need to get into every day, put them up high and then put hooks or pegs below where you can hang coats and bags.


High school has the right idea: let kids be responsible for their own spaces. Whether you choose industrial-salvage looking metal lockers or divided open storage, you’ll have fewer complaints about lost shoes or homework if you have an eye out for furniture ideas that give each child a space of his or her own.

A rug or runner:

“Mud” is right there in the name of the room, so make sure your floor is prepared for it. A doormat is essential, but the more dirt-capturing surface you provide, the better off the rest of your house will be. Take a good look at indoor/outdoor rugs, which you can take outside and hose off and are available these days in a range of great-looking designs.

To come up with the furniture ideas that are perfect for your home, watch yourself going in and out of the house. What do you carry? What do you reach for? What kinds of things wait there to come in or go out? Do you take off shoes there? Check out this video from Better Homes and Gardens for more planning tips and tools, and then create your own perfect mudroom entry.


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