5 Things Every New Homeowner Needs to Know

Jun 13, 2018  By Thomasville

A new home is a new start. It’s a blank slate for all your new home design ideas, a fresh opportunity to create a space that’s uniquely yours, exactly the way you want it. But since you can’t wave a magic wand and have everything exactly perfect, knowing these five things can help you enter your new home on the right foot.

1. When to Start

There may be some tasks that can’t wait, such as stripping dated wallpaper or replacing worn carpet. And it’s easier to do those projects in an empty house if you have the opportunity. Be careful before tackling a top-to-bottom new home design, though. It takes a while to discover how you live in a new house, and you may find yourself using rooms in ways you hadn’t anticipated. See how you feel in your new home before talking to a designer, choosing new furniture and accessories, or implementing a new color palette.

2. Be Aware of Your Walls

You’re certain to be hanging a lot of artwork as part of your new home design, to say nothing of anchoring bookshelves, installing new fixtures, hanging curtains, and so on. Be aware that hidden behind your walls are pipes, wires, cables, and conduit, none of which you want to hit with a nail or screw. And you’ll create an unsightly mess if you drive a half-dozen pilot holes looking for a stud. Buy a stud sensor. Then, just to be safe, drill or hammer no deeper than 1 ¼ inches, which is deep enough for a drywall anchor to work.

3. Monitor Water and Electrical Controls

If you have a chance to walk through your new home with the inspector, ask to see where the circuit breaker box and water shutoff valves are located. And make sure fuses are well labeled, and that you don’t block access to these essential spots as you pile up boxes. Knowing that you can act quickly in the event of an emergency will give you peace of mind to enjoy your new home’s design.

4. Love your Landscape

Your new home design includes outdoor as well as indoor space, and the outdoor space has a life (literally) of its own. If you’ve purchased a new home, creating and implementing a landscape plan is a top priority. After all, you’re leaving a sizeable portion of the property you paid for unused until your yard is fully functional. If you’re inheriting an existing landscape, learn how to care for it and help it thrive. Areas of your landscape that you neglect while you’re busy tending to the home’s interior won’t wait around for attention. Keep the Utah State Extension site bookmarked as your best spot for advice and answers.

5. Prioritize and Organize 

Moving into a new home can be chaotic, and not just for the first few days. You probably sacrificed your otherwise impeccable organization habits as you were packing up your former home. And the default locations for important items don’t exist in the new one. On top of the moving mess, purchasing a new home produces an onslaught of new paper, files, and manuals.

To maintain control, designate a station for everything important – one go-to spot out of the traffic flow where you can put keys, collect files, and accumulate mail or other information. A clear plastic bin will keep even small business cards from getting away until things are settled enough that you can identify permanent homes for everything. You’ll give your new home design a better chance of an orderly, clutter-free start if you can keep paper and loose items from scattering around the house.

With a fresh start and a new home design, you have a lot to look forward to. And with a little patience and planning, you can be sure that your new home will turn out to be everything you hoped it would be.

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