Realistic Home Design Tips That Work with a Busy Schedule

Jun 15, 2018  By Thomasville

You love your home, but when life is busy it’s supposed to take care of you, not the other way around. If making your home look beautiful requires still more of your time, it’s adding to your stress, not relieving it. What you need are home design tips that deliver high style without demanding extra fuss and maintenance. Here are some of our favorites.

Reorganize Bookshelves

There’s a reason there are so many home design tips focused on styling bookshelves. The objects at eye level, the textures, and the colors are all attention-getters, yet bookshelves often end up as catch-alls of clutter. If you take an evening to clear away undersized, clutter-contributing small items and style your bookshelves, you’ll turn them into a decorating feature.

Emphasize an Accent Color

It’s easy, over time, for a color palette to dissolve into the mishmash of everyday life. Identify a clear, strong accent color and distribute it consciously around each room. A single color that stands out from the surrounding décor will simultaneously draw the eye around the room and tie everything together. This article from Houzz will give you more home design tips on maximizing the impact of color.

Make a Beautiful Bed

Home design tips for the bedroom usually focus on the biggest piece of furniture in the room. Invest in quality bedding, but keep in mind your willingness to make your bed on a daily basis before you adopt a look so layered and cushioned that you’ll never actually make it that way. This bed-making guide will give you tips on making your bed a design star.

Inject Modern Energy

If you have traditional rooms that are feeling tired, kick up the energy and interest level by replacing one piece with a modern version. One statement light fixture, accent chair, or coffee table can make you sit up and take notice of your room again.

Decorate Your Hallways

Home design tips—and homeowners—often neglect the in-between spaces, but thoughtful décor in passages can elevate your entire home. Hang artwork and light it well to draw the eye along a hallway. Or find slender furnishings to creating stopping spaces. Choose quality rugs that will hold up to traffic as well as provide design interest.

Declutter and Minimize

Home design tips aren’t always about adding something new. Sometimes you can have the biggest impact by clearing away the excess. Home stagers will tell you to put away anything smaller than a grapefruit, which is good advice for anyone. Reducing clutter and excess will help you feel more restful and calm, and your home décor will look its best without visual distraction. Use these decluttering tips to catch the vision.

Home design tips that turn into time-consuming projects make it harder for your home to give you what you need: a comfortable place to rest and restore. When you simplify, focus, and choose a few high-impact improvements, your efforts will reward you handsomely.

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