5 Summer Decorating Ideas You’ll Love

Jul 06, 2018  By Thomasville

Winter is over, spring cleaning is finally finished (hopefully), and now it’s time to have some fun. Like the season itself, summer decorating is all about letting loose and injecting a little excitement into your life and your home. If you’re ready to showcase your space in a new summer light, here are 5 summer decorating ideas you’ll love.

1. The Power of the Pillow

Your main furniture pieces probably stay the same throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice things up a bit by switching out the throw pillows to match the season. Try adding a few summer flowers to your pillow arrangements. Or introduce a few printed pillows with summer leaves to your furniture, blurring the line between your sun room and the great outdoors.

2. Let the Summer Light Shine

Summer is the season of sunshine and light. So, it’s only fitting that light play a part in your summer decorating. Open up the curtains (or stow them away entirely) and let that natural light bathe your summer space in warmth. Arrange your furniture away from the winter fireplace and shift it instead toward a beautiful window to bring the outdoors indoors. And for those late summer outdoor gatherings, string lights or paper lanterns along trees or patio awnings to take full advantage of every summer minute.

3. Decorate with Flowers

Color is one of the best parts of summer. The drab whites and grays that lingered through the winter months have given way to bright summer colors that beg to be integrated into your home’s design. Brighten up your interior with colorful flower arrangements in any room. Or greet your guests with beautiful flowers in a vintage jar in your entryway. And, of course, cheer up your porch, front door, and outdoor spaces with as many of Mother Nature’s decorations as you see fit.

4. Just the Summer Basics

Okay, so maybe spring cleaning isn’t quite over yet. But to get the most out of your summer spaces, sometimes it’s best to pare down your décor. With the change of seasons, treat your space like a summer rental. Take away all the unnecessary elements that made your room feel warm and cozy during the winter. And keep your space feeling like a private summer cottage or beach house throughout the season. Remember, sometimes less is more with summertime décor.

5. Go Bright and Bold

Let the beauty of summer guide your creativity by making your home look like a summer-inspired space. Choose a bold, summer color (either in your paint or your furniture) and then decorate around that focal point with whites and neutral shades to make it pop. Include a few mirrors, lamps, and decorations, but don’t overcrowd your summer-themed space. Rather, let the boldness of your summer décor stand on its own.

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your home. Let loose with your creativity, introduce a few summer decorating ideas, and make your home as happy as the season.

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