5 Tips for Buying Furniture You’ll Actually Use

Aug 10, 2018  By Thomasville

The right furniture is beautiful, artistic, elegant, and stylish. But as the old adage goes, form follows function. Before anything else, your furniture should be usable and comfortable. It should enable you to relax, lounge, kickback, and enjoy living in your home. Yes, it should inspire happiness every time you look at it. But if you can’t also use it, the primary purpose of your furniture is already lost. Here are 5 tips for buying furniture you’ll actually use.

1. Quality

When it comes to furniture, comfort has a lot to do with quality. Invest in materials that will last. That means shopping quality, luxury furniture brands and asking about construction, frame, joinery, fillings, springs, and fabrics. In other words, get detailed when shopping for quality.

2. Fit

Comfort has just as much to do with aesthetics as it does usability. If your furniture is a bad fit for your space, it can throw off the entire room. When shopping for furniture, measure twice and shop once. Understand the exact dimensions of your rooms and the dimensions of the furniture that will fit there.

3. Feel

Again, comfort means more than sinking into a plush sofa. It can also mean something much less tangible, but no less important to function. If you hate the way a piece feels in a room, it’s impossible to feel comfortable there. Yes, this relates to fit, but it also contemplates personal style preferences. When shopping for furniture, make sure you understand how your new table, sofa, dresser will feel with the other pieces, colors, and styles already in your home.

4. Function

Yes, some furniture can have purely artistic qualities, but if you plan to actually use your furniture, make sure you know how you’re going to use it. For example, you should probably buy a sofa with a high back if you’re going to put it in front of a TV. When shopping for furniture, think how you’re going to use it, where you’re going to use it, and buy furniture that accommodates those goals.

5. The Sit Test

You test drive a car before buying it. So, shouldn’t you test out your furniture as well? The best (and maybe most important) part of furniture shopping is the sit test. If you’re buying a couch, imagine yourself relaxing there for hours on end. If it’s a dining set, sit and imagine yourself having a meal with your family. If it doesn’t pass the sit test, move on to the next piece.

Yes, you want your home to be beautiful. But the first purpose of furniture is function. Follow these five tips and fill your home with comfortable furniture you’ll love and actually use.

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