How to Marry Form and Function in Your Furniture

Aug 24, 2018  By Thomasville

At some point or another, everyone experiences buyer’s remorse. You purchase something on impulse because it looks nice on a rack or in a showroom. But instead of satisfaction, the feeling of instant regret follows when you realize you actually hate the thing you purchased, either because it has no practical use or it doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

It happens to everyone, to be sure. But it’s one thing to have buyer’s remorse for an outfit or an impulse purchase online. It’s quite another thing to regret buying something you actually have to live with like furniture. To avoid a bad relationship with your furniture, it’s important to consider both form and function.


Before buying furniture, it’s important to consider the primary function of your space. Are you buying furniture to accommodate a specific function within a space, like watching TV? Will your space be filled with people often? The function of your furniture will change depending on how you plan to use your space. Of course, your space also calls for certain styles, colors, and aesthetics. So, you can’t ignore form either.


Striking a balance between form and function almost always includes a conversation about furniture size. If you have a large family or frequent guests, you probably want to shop for large pieces that accommodate big groups, like a sectional in a family room or a large dining room table. While this certainly meets the demands of function, if your furniture doesn’t fit the form of your space and other existing elements in your home, the entire space will feel crowded and overly small.


The perfect piece of furniture has multiple purposes. Not only does it incorporate both style and function, but the very best furniture has endless amounts of both. When shopping for furniture, look for items that serve multipole purposes. Benches, for example, can be used for sitting, storage, and entryway footstools. But they can also be used to add a little style to the foot of a bed, and when combined with the right pillows or upholstery, benches can some of the most beautiful and functional pieces in a home. The same goes for multi-purpose ottomans, stools, and chairs.

When investing in something long-term (in good times and bad) like furniture, it’s important to marry form and function to create the perfect union of style and functionality in your home.

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