Kitchen Design Tips You’ll Love

Aug 07, 2018  By Thomasville

There’s something about the kitchen that brings people together. Maybe it’s the food (it’s probably the food), maybe it’s the central location in the home, or the comfortable, relaxed setting. Whatever the reason, some of the best family memories seem to happen in the kitchen. But in order to make those lasting memories, your kitchen has to be a place where people want to gather. If it’s been a while since your loved ones wanted to be in your kitchen, here are 3 kitchen design tips you’ll love.

1. Maximize Counter Space

If you do any amount of cooking in your kitchen, you understand that there’s no such thing as too much counter space. If you have the luxury of starting your kitchen design from scratch, be sure to include ample counter space. But if you have to make do with what you have now, there are a few design tips to maximize your existing space. Start by hanging pots and pans from hooks to take advantage of vertical space, freeing up more cupboard space for the little appliances that have found permanent home on your countertops. But if you insist on having your small appliances at the ready, consider adding another level of shelves to your backsplash or just above your countertops.

2. De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Closely related to maximizing space, having a clutter-free kitchen is essential part of every home design. Start by clearing away everything that tends to accumulate on your counters, next to the microwave, and on top of your fridge. Now take a quick look at your kitchen. Aside from the papers, mail, and small appliances that you’ve now put on your floor, that’s the way your kitchen is supposed to look. And while it might be unrealistic to believe your kitchen will never see clutter again, there are a few interesting (and fun) ways to prevent the problem. For example, track your family’s patterns and place storage furniture in the hallway or entryway that can collect mail, coats, etc. before clutter finds its way to your kitchen. Or, try creating extra space with cubby holes for each member of the family where stuff is easily accessible, but out of sight.

3. Add Comfort

Making your kitchen more comfortable is a surefire way to attract more people. Sure, kids sitting on the countertops (which are now totally clean and clutter-free) is inevitable. But adding a few comfortable and stylish bar stools and swivel chairs can transform a kitchen and provide optional areas for seating. Next, consider adding some casual dining areas to your kitchen, including a kitchen table that fits your space and/or a breakfast nook that’s built for equal parts eating and visiting.

Make your kitchen a place where friends and family want to gather. Maximize your counter space, de-clutter everything, and add comfort to your kitchen, and the memories are sure to follow.

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