5 Design Hacks Anyone Can Use

Sep 12, 2018  By Thomasville

Interior design has always been about blending creativity with practicality – making something both artistically beautiful and fully functional at the same time. It’s definitely not rocket science (anyone can do it), but every once in a while interior design borders on genius, either because of the problem it solves or the style it introduces into a home. If you’ve been looking for solutions to some common design dilemmas, here are 5 ingenious interior design hacks anyone can use.

1. Hide Unsightly Routers

The internet isn’t just a modern convenience; it’s become a practical necessity in just about every home. But what to do about those unsightly routers, which are usually placed in a central location for the whole world to see? Try hiding your internet router with a hollowed-out book, binder, or decorative photo album.

2. Use Open Shelving

Whoever said cupboards and shelves had to be concealed? Instead of trying to hide your clutter, display your organizational skills with open shelving. Especially in the bathroom with neatly folded towels and some high-end toiletries that double as décor, open shelving can be both stylish and much more functional.

3. Paint It

Okay, so maybe it’s a stretch to call painting something borderline genius, but paint is far too underused in interior design. Too often, people pass up perfectly good, perfectly stylish décor simply because it’s the wrong color. Instead of looking at color alone, look for overall design fit within your home. Then, take a trip to the hardware store for a can of spray paint, and voila – you have yourself a brand new, stylish mirror, frame, chair, etc.

4. Put Up a Mirror

Especially for overly dark or cramped-feeling spaces, a mirror can do wonders. Place a mirror near a window in a dark space and watch as light bounces off it to illuminate the room. Or, place a mirror in a tight hallway or narrow room and it can double the perceived space.

5. Buy Neutral Large Furniture

The best way to add color and personality into a home is to balance bold patterns and colors with neutral pieces of furniture. Let your large pieces, such as sofas, tables, and beds, anchor your room. Then add plenty of personality with bright, bold pillows, chairs, and rugs.

Good interior design is both beautiful and practical. And it’s something anyone can do with a little thought and creativity. Use these 5 interior design hacks to solve your style problems, and watch as your home transforms into something more stylish and sensible.

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