Overcoming Common Design Dilemmas

Sep 04, 2018  By Thomasville

One of the best aspects of interior design is artistic expression. As the chief interior designer of your home, you make the calls, you have the final say, and best of all, you get to bask in the glory of the creative genius of your design. The process can be an absolute joy. But every once in a while, there’s that one room, that one element or piece of furniture that has you puzzled. And when that happens, no matter how beautiful the rest of your home may be, you can’t take your mind off the problem. Here are a few tips on how to decorate to avoid common design dilemmas.

Small Space

The trick to overcoming the design dilemma created by a small space is to make the room as comfortable and cozy as possible. Paint it a favorite bold color that makes you want to spend time there. Or, you can install a large mirror to double the size of the room.

Narrow Space

If you have a narrow space that feels cramped and crowded, try using horizontal stripes on the walls to visually expand the room. Horizontal stripes can make a space feel wider, drawing the eye left and right. If stripes aren’t your thing, decorating with white can also help the eye move past the narrow space and toward something more visually interesting.

Open Space

The dilemma of overly open space can present itself in the form of high ceilings and large, spacious rooms. To fill vertical space, use tall potted plants and interesting art and hangings to avoid dead wall space. For more spacious rooms, arrange furniture and rugs to create natural, defined zones for separate seating areas or even a reading nook.

Mixed Wood Finishes

If you have wood floors and/or trim, it can be tempting to match every piece of wood furniture in your home. But in reality, a variety of wood colors and finishes is much more interesting. You can always bridge the more prominent wood tones with décor items to create continuity. But purposefully trying to match everything usually ends poorly.

Exposed Inner Workings

Sometimes function can get in the way of interior design. When exposed pipes, plumbing and electrical lines, air ducts, and other necessary elements of a home invade your space, embrace them. Coordinate your interior design efforts around the exposed inner workings of your home to add visual interest and character.

The same resourcefulness that helped you make the rest of your home beautiful will come in just as handy with your design dilemmas. Think creatively and even your most perplexing design dilemmas can become beautiful parts of your home.

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