Secrets for Adding Style to Any Space

Sep 21, 2018  By Thomasville

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, that one room in your home ends up feeling something less than stylish. You can’t put your finger on it, but it most definitely needs that certain je ne sais quoi that haunts you every time you set foot in the space. If you’re at a loss for how to decorate a certain area in your home, here are a few secrets for adding style to any space.

Layering Carpet and Rugs

If you feel uneasy about your space, there’s a good chance that feeling comes from the ground up. Instead of hating your floors, start with a large neutral carpet or rug and experiment with layering. Add smaller, bolder rugs on top until you get the look you’re going for.


Libraries (especially home libraries) are appealing for a reason. Books automatically make any space more stylish. To add some visual interest and personality to your home, buy books for their covers and not just their contents. Place books upright on a shelf. Lay them flat on a table. Or stack them in an interesting way on just about any surface.

Pillows and Throws

The great thing about a neutral room is that it makes for a perfect starting point to add style. If your room is feeling a bit bland, take the opportunity to add color and character with a few pillows and throws. Pillows and throws make any space more inviting. Experiment with the right mix of colors, patterns, shapes, and textures to bring your space in harmony with your home.


Sometimes a room can feel off simply because of its lighting. Maybe there aren’t enough windows in the room. Or maybe the existing lighting fails to highlight the room’s best features. If lighting isn’t right in your room, try placing floor and table lamps at different heights to create a layered light feeling that can add ambience to any space.


When a room just doesn’t feel right, it might be because you don’t identify with anything in the space. If the room doesn’t speak to you because there’s no part of you in the room, change that. Introduce some of your own personality and style by including things you love, colors you adore, and art work that evokes emotion on a deeper, more meaningful level.

If you have a room that feels lacking, take it as a challenge to employ a few techniques and style secrets that can transform just about any space.

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