Home Interior Decorating Ideas You’ll Love

Oct 12, 2018  By Thomasville

New is always fun, but you can’t change up your home interior as often as you might get a new shirt or a new haircut. Or can you? You don’t need a top-to-bottom new design to energize your home with something fresh and current. One of these on-trend decorating ideas might be just the ticket:

Moody interior paint colors:

The right white is tough to beat, but if you don’t even notice your neutral home interior backdrop anymore, look for a place to try deep, saturated color. Perhaps you need to sink into a bedroom that shuts the world away. Or maybe your dream spot is a cozy library retreat. Think about a deep charcoal navy, a bottomless ocean blue, a dark amethyst or violet. Check out this gallery from Better Homes and Gardens for ideas on how to use strong wall color.

Layered texture:

Adding texture to your home interior is pretty reliably going to be the right thing. For an easy way to embrace the latest trend, check out what fringe has to offer in wall décor, upholstery, window coverings, even lighting. Look for nubby fibers, coarse-weave fabrics, tassels, pom-poms, chunky pottery, and organic stone, wood, and leather. This design trend is especially welcome as we edge into fall and winter.

Updated woods:

Tastes in wood colors and uses seem to come and go as quickly as paint colors, but the good news is that with a few accessory pieces you can introduce the latest styles to your home interior without replacing your main pieces. The latest wood look is natural—sun-bleached rather than weathered gray—natural color rather than stained or dyed. Live-edge tables are another way to inject texture and an organic element.

Colorful kitchens:

The all-white kitchen is clean and bright, but this look can be a bit too clinical. The all-white kitchens popular in home interiors for the last few years are transitioning into backdrops for color. Two-tone cabinets are on trend, with different treatments on the uppers and lowers. Or you can introduce a bold color by painting your kitchen island base. If you’re afraid of making that big of a change, though, try displaying colorful pottery or pop-art wall décor. Get kitchen stools that are brightly painted or upholstered with bold dyed leather. Or consider a punchy backsplash in geometrics, mosaics, or another on-trend material: travertine.


It costs you nothing to get rid of stuff, and a spare, clean, minimalist home interior is instantly calming. The 2018 buzzword is lagom, a Swedish lifestyle concept that’s about order, symmetry, and balance. The Scandinavian bones of clean, modern pieces are there, with just enough of last year’s buzzword hygge (comfort and coziness) to soothe away the stress of too much, too fast, too loud. Still can’t quite picture it? Check out this gallery for inspiration. Start with modern furnishings, natural materials, peaceful greenery, calming neutral colors, and absolutely nothing cluttered or unnecessary.

If fall has you feeling the urge to nest, use these decorating ideas to get started. There’s nothing like having a home interior that excites and delights you as only something new really can.

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