How to Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Space

Oct 26, 2018  By Thomasville

In any room that includes a sofa, the sofa is likely to be the centerpiece. It takes up a lot of space both visually and physically, so it tends to set the design direction. Then when you add that it usually costs more than other pieces, you want to be sure you get it right. Answer these five questions to zero in on the perfect sofa for your space:

How big is your room?

The typical range for sofa sizes is 6-8 feet in length. With that starting point in mind, now put together a complete furniture plan for the room that suits the function (TV watching? conversation? games and homework?), traffic flow, and style. Once you’ve identified the ideal size range, you can shop with confidence, knowing exactly what the effect of a larger or smaller sofa will be.

What size should you consider?

If the people who are going to use your sofa most are notably short or tall, seat depth will have everything to do with how comfortable they are. The range is around 32-40 inches. Pay attention to back height, arm height, and softness, too. As much as you might like an ultra-modern sofa with a low back, for example, don’t forget your tall family that might be uncomfortable. Let your eye guide you to sofas you like, but to end up with a sofa you love, don’t compromise on comfort.

What’s your design style?

You don’t have to put together a suite of matching pieces (please don’t, in fact) but you do have make your choices with a clear vision for what the finished room will be about. The sofa is likely to dominate the style conversation, so make sure it’s saying what you want. Turned legs, bun feet, square lines, rolled arms, loose cushions—every decision communicates something different. Identify your style, then be conscious of what different sofa parts do to communicate that style.

What’s your lifestyle?

When you choose a sofa, you’re choosing furniture to support your everyday life. Do you have pets? Do you flop and lounge, or sit upright? Do kids play on (and with) the sofa, or will it be in an out-of-the-way living room that’s more seen than used? What kind of care regimen sounds realistic to you? Decisions between a sectional and a traditional sofa, loose cushions and a tight back, between leather and tapestry, are largely lifestyle choices. (If you’re feeling intimidated by leather, this article might help put your mind at ease.)

What’s your budget?

You will always be glad if you buy the best quality construction in a sofa that you can afford, but quality doesn’t just keep climbing as price does. As the price continues to go up you’re getting into design details and more expensive fabrics rather than appreciable construction quality differences. Set the budget that you’re comfortable with, learn to recognize the key markers of quality construction, and then find the best quality available within your budget.

In the end, the perfect sofa for your space is the one you love. If you shop smart, you’ll find one that you can be confident you’ll love for years to come.

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