How to Choose a Furniture Store that Fits Your Style

Nov 30, 2018  By Thomasville

Choosing the right furniture store is a bigger decision than you might think. Choosing even a single piece of furniture is a commitment (hopefully one for years to come). And the store that carries that piece of furniture can tell you a lot about your purchase. Yes, it’s true that you can buy furniture from multiple stores and have everything fit seamlessly in your home. But no matter how many stores you choose to visit, the same rules apply. If you’re looking for the perfect furniture store to fit your style, here are a few helpful tips to point you in the right direction.

Find Your Style

Before you can choose a furniture store, let alone an individual piece of furniture, you have to get to know your own style preferences. Make a list of colors, textures, and patterns that you like. Look at your existing furniture and ask yourself what you like and don’t like each piece. Then go online, look at books and catalogues, and start scrapbooking (or at least taking notes) of your favorite styles. And always ask how these styles fill the specific needs of your home and your family. Remember, form should follow function when it comes to furniture.

Narrow Your Selections

Now that you have a better idea of your preferred design styles, it’s time to start narrowing your choices to specific retailers. Do more research online and when you find yourself coming back again and again to a few different furniture stores’ websites, take the next step and browse selections in person. There’s no better way to shop for furniture than by being there in person. Get a feel for the atmosphere, the salespeople, the ambiance of the showroom, the quality and comfort of the furniture. If the store feels right, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy with the furniture too.

Consider Price

Price is always a consideration when buying furniture. Some furniture stores offer higher-end, luxury furniture that will naturally cost more than other furniture stores because it’s more expensive to make. Only you know your budget. But keep in mind that buying inexpensive furniture doesn’t always pay off in the long run. If you spend twice as much money on a high-quality piece of furniture that lasts three times as long as a cheaper piece, you’re saving money and hassle. Buying furniture is a long-term investment and not necessarily one you want to keep making over and over again.

Meet with a Designer

Once you have a better idea of your preferred styles, preferred stores, and preferred price range, ask whether your favorite furniture stores offer complementary interior design services. Many high-end furniture stores will provide this service and it can be a deal-maker. Having an experienced interior designer in your corner can elevate the elegance of your home. And if it’s free, you may as well be taking advantage.

Finding the right furniture store is key. It’s the first step toward finding furniture you can be happy with. And it’s the first step toward designing the perfect home that you and your family will love.

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