Thanksgiving Décor Ideas for Your Family Gathering

Nov 20, 2018  By Thomasville

This Thanksgiving, set the mood for the perfect celebration and make your guests feel grateful they came to your home for the holiday. Here are a few Thanksgiving decoration ideas you’ll love.

Thanksgiving Message Board

Greet your guests with a holiday message board as they arrive for the party. Have them write a Thanksgiving message or a few things they’re thankful for on fall-colored paper leaves and then pin them to a framed linen-covered, foam-core board.

Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a universal symbol of fall and harvest. But to avoid confusion with a certain other holiday, paint small pumpkins in all the colors of the rainbow. And why not let the little-ones get involved in the project. Either way, this is a bright, festive, and fun Thanksgiving decoration.

Pilgrim Cap Place Cards

Your Thanksgiving guests won’t soon forget your holiday gathering (or where they’re supposed to sit) with these creative pilgrim cap place cards. Take a 3-inch terra-cotta flowerpot, some crafting foam, some acrylic paints, and you’ve got everything you need to make place cards your guests will love.

Flower Wreath

Wreaths are the perfect door decoration, no matter the time of year. For Thanksgiving, welcome your guests to your home with a beautiful flower wreath made with marigolds. Just trim your garden’s marigolds and fasten them to a grapevine wreath with a hot-glue gun. Voila! The perfect Thanksgiving wreath.

Cinnamon Napkins

For a little Thanksgiving elegance, give your cloth napkins some extra style by tying them with a string and tucking a sprig of greenery and a stick of cinnamon inside. Not only will your guests be greeted with a hint of cinnamon, they’ll also be impressed at the style and level of detail of your table setting.

Thanksgiving is the best time of year to gather with loved-ones and give thanks for each other. So, why not spend that time in a space that’s fit for the season. Happy decorating! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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