3 Ways to Declutter Your Home for the New Year

Dec 28, 2018  By Thomasville

The holidays have a way of bringing out the best in people. But they sometimes bring out the worst in our homes. Between the wrapping paper piles, the constant visitors, and the new toys and gifts scattered throughout the house, messes tend to pile up just before the new year. If you’re looking for a way to declutter your home, here are 3 helpful tips for getting (and staying) organized in the new year.

1. Understand Why Clutter Happens

In order to solve your clutter issues, you first need to get to the root of the problem. That means understanding why clutter piles up in your home. The Neat Method believes that people tend to fall into one of three clutter personalities.

  • Disorganized – These people don’t have a storage system in place, so they keep buying things they already own instead of spending time searching for stuff. These people tend to be busy people with many responsibilities outside the home that make it difficult to find the time to organize inside the home.
  • Savers – If you tend to save everything because you might need something in the future, chances are you have a clutter problem. There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty, but when it comes at the expense of clutter, you have to weigh the pros and cons of saving.
  • Overwhelmed – These people are so overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing, either because of so many little ones running around the house or extra responsibilities, that it becomes easier to live in the chaos than to organize it.

By understanding your clutter personality, you can work on your weaknesses and resolve to be more organized in the new year.

2. Have the Right Tools for the Job

Anyone can declutter. But it becomes much easier with a few tools (bins to be specific) to help you organize everything. Before diving into decluttering your home, find 5 different baskets or bins, defined by the following purposes:

  • Put Away – Items that need to be put away in their proper place. This will likely be the largest category because stuff tends to find its way away from its proper place.
  • Recycle – This is for paper, plastics, and anything and everything that can be reduced, reused, and recycled outside of your home.
  • Fix – Things that need to be repaired go in this container. As long as you’re decluttering your home, you might as well do it right. And that means finding time to fix all the stuff that has piled up because it needs to be fixed.
  • Trash – Throw away as much as you can. That’s the secret to decluttering your home. Don’t throw away anything you’ll regret. But learning to live more simply, without stuff everywhere is key to staying organized.
  • Donate – Again, get rid of as much stuff as you can. And if you can donate it to a charitable organization, all the better for you, your home, and the people that can make use of the things you no longer use.

3. Organize in Stages

Especially if you fall into one of the clutter personalities where you get easily overwhelmed by messes, taking organization one stage at a time is imperative. Yes, decluttering your entire home is a big job. But when you tackle it one room at a time, the project becomes much more manageable and more fulfilling. Start somewhere, anywhere. And don’t move on to the next space until you’re thoroughly satisfied that that room’s clutter problem is resolved. Plus, the satisfaction you get from stepping back and viewing the rewards of your hard work can motivate you to keep moving throughout your home.

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