Celebrate Christmas in Style with these Holiday Design Hacks

Dec 21, 2018  By Thomasville

Twas the week before Christmas and all through your home you’ve procrastinated your holiday decorating everywhere you roam. No stockings hung by the fireplace with care. And the tree in the corner is embarrassingly bare. But with a twist of your head and a wink of your eye, your home can be holiday ready before Santa’s big night. With these holiday design hacks, your space will have style. Enough to make even the Scroogiest Scrooge smile.

Hang Wreathes from Wreaths

To fill the empty space on your walls, mirrors, and doors with holiday cheer, try hanging wreaths from each other. With a little holiday ribbon and some upside-down door hooks, you can loop two or three holiday wreaths together to get an undeniably Christmassy feel.

Photographic Memory

The hardest part of bringing Christmas decorations out of the closet is having to eventually put them back in. They never seem to fit as well as when you first take them out. To solve this packing problem, take a quick picture with your phone before unpacking your decorations. That way, you’ll know exactly how to put everything away when the holidays are over.

Tomato Cage Trees

Still wondering what to do with those tomato cages sitting in your garden? Use wire cutters to snip the cages into different sizes. Then use their metal frames to make perfectly formed Christmas trees. Just wrap garland and lights around each cage to give your yard a little extra yuletide cheer.

Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree

Running low on ornaments? Look in your kitchen for a great way to decorate your tree. With some twine and cookie cutters, you can whip up a quick batch of holiday ornaments and shape your tree into something truly delicious.

Repurpose Old Lights

Christmas has its traditions – the eggnog, the presents under the tree, and who could forget the strands of Christmas tree lights that are nigh impossible to untangle. Instead of giving up and throwing your tangled lights away, repurpose them. Put them into a planter box with some branches and you have a beautiful light display for inside or outside your home.

With these holiday design hacks, you can turn your sparse space into a holiday home in no time at all.

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