Holiday Décor Ideas to Add Elegance to Your Home

Dec 09, 2018  By Thomasville

Everyone loves the holiday lights, the mistletoe, and the stockings by the fire. But sometimes the old reliable holiday decorations that come out of storage year after year just aren’t enough. This holiday season, go beyond mere Christmas decorations and add a little elegance to your home with holiday décor that excites.

Twinkly Garland

To make your space sparkle, add a little garland to your room’s lighting. This candelabra with garland is a great way to add a little holiday elegance to your Christmas decorations.

Elegant Colors

The colors you choose to incorporate in your home can create a warm and welcoming ambiance. Gold, mercury, glass, and champagne instantly set an elegant holiday mood.

Regal Ribbons

Go from traditional to elegant with the help of a few holiday ribbons. Sweeping ribbons layered across a Christmas tree can enhance the look of any holiday home.

Wrapped Gifts

Elegant doesn’t mean your Christmas decorations can’t be easy. Turn a pile of presents into a sophisticated holiday table arrangement with tie-ons and metallic ornaments.

Festive Napkins

Fold your napkins into something stylish before Christmas dinner this year. They’re a surefire conversation starter and they add a heaping helping of holiday cheer to any meal.

With these stylish holiday decorating ideas, you can elevate your Christmas decorations this year from festive to fabulous.

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