Holiday Decorating Tips to Liven Up Your Party

Dec 18, 2018  By Thomasville

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for getting together with family and friends. Whether your holiday parties are sophisticated and elegant or casual and white elephant, you can impress your guests with the right holiday décor. Here are a few holiday decorating tips to liven up any party.

Stained Glass Cookies

Incorporate stained glass around your home the easy way before your next holiday party. It’s edible elegance that’s both part of the décor and part of the dinner. Just melt crushed, hard candies and get two different sized cookie cutters and you’re set.

Napkin Ornaments

Instead of putting all your ornaments on the tree, try putting a few on your dinner table in the form of napkin ornaments. They can be either formal or informal, fun or reserved. And they’re a great way to make your dinner guests feel special.

Chair Backs

Holiday cheer and holiday chairs always go hand in hand. This year, seat your guests around a festive dinner table with mini wreath chair backs tied to the seats with raw-edge ribbon.

Candy Wrappers

Give your guests a parting gift they won’t forget. With a roll of simple white paper, a few ribbons, and some drug store candy your presents can be the star of the party. Plus, attaching a lollipop or candy cane on the outside of the wrapping is the perfect way to give your white elephant gift some extra attention.

Variety of Candles

Add a mix of candlesticks to your mantel or tabletop to give your rooms a festive feel perfect for any holiday gathering. Pair tall with small and glass with crystal candlesticks to give your red and green candles a little extra sparkle.

Make the holidays a little extra magical with these holiday decorating tips that add fun to any party.

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