Embrace Winter with these 3 Home Décor Ideas

Jan 07, 2019  By Thomasville

The holidays are over and the doldrums of wintertime have officially begun. It’s cold and dark outside. And it’s easy to stay hunkered down in your home to wait out the winter months. But that doesn’t mean you have to hibernate the entire season away. Instead, embrace the elements by incorporating these 3 winter home décor ideas.

1. Decorate with White

Even if you live in an area that doesn’t resemble a frozen tundra every 12 months, bringing the signature color of the season indoors can be an elegant way to embrace winter. This year, fend off the winter blues by incorporating white in your furniture, rugs, throws, and even your glassware and dinnerware. Make your home look white as snow. It stands out against darker furniture, including a black-painted hutch to display your glassware and dinnerware. And adding accents of silver throughout your home will help your space sparkle.

2. Let in the Light

Yes, it’s dark outside. But that’s all the more reason to redress your windows for the wintery season. Take advantage of every precious ray of sunlight you get during winter. Instead of blocking out the world with heavy, dark window treatments, replace them with sheer curtains or shades that brighten up your room and magnify the natural light. There may be no better way to embrace winter than by juxtaposing your warm, cozy house with light window treatments that bring a bit of the outdoors indoors.

3. Decorate with Greenery

Of all the symbols of the winter season, green sometimes gets overlooked. You may have already kicked your Christmas tree to the curb. But It’s not too late to incorporate some tasteful greenery in your home for the remainder of winter. Give your discarded soup cans some new life by painting them and potting a few sprigs of green to give your space some extra life. Or, add some spare tree branches to the outside of a glass hurricane and build a letter wreath from cardboard and green branches to complete your new, lighter, and brighter window look.

If you need yet another reason not to leave the house during the winter, these simple home décor ideas will help you embrace your winter wonderland and keep you cozy until spring.

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