Interior Design Ideas to Destress in Your Home

Jan 18, 2019  By Thomasville

Among the necessities of life – food, clothing, companionship, etc. – your home sometimes gets shortchanged as mere shelter. In reality, your home is a haven from the outside world – a place where you and your family can be yourselves. Yes, you can look at your home as just a roof over your head and four walls to keep everything together. But when it becomes something more through the process of interior design, living room furniture becomes inspiring and once ordinary rooms transform into an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here are a few interior design ideas to help you destress in your home.

Reduce Clutter

Coming home to an orderly, well-kept home after having a chaotic day can be a calming experience. On the other hand, when the inside of your home mirrors the outside world, your stress levels only heighten. The trick to a clutter-free home is keeping everything out of sight. And that means having adequate storage. If you’re running out of space to put your stuff, think about adding a few cabinets or functional furniture items with built-in storage to help you stay on top of the messes. And, if you’re still having trouble cleaning up after the holidays, try these tips to de-clutter your home in the new year.

Set the Table

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is cook, right? That may be the case, but by simply setting your table every night with real dishes, cloth napkins, and candles, you can actually feel less stressed. Even if you have no intention of actually using it, make a habit of setting your table every night. Then, watch how you feel when you enter your dining room. There’s something about a well-set table that signals to the senses that it’s time to slow down and enjoy life a little.

Focus on the Family Room

Of all the rooms in your home, the living and family rooms usually have the biggest impact on your mood. That’s because these rooms are meant for relaxing. And when the opposite proves true, life can feel out of balance. To help you destress at home, make sure you love spending time in your living spaces. Find living room furniture that’s both comfortable and stylish. And look for area rugs, décor, and art that inspires you every time you see them.

Limit Patterns

For the same reasons clutter can put a damper on your mood, patterns in your furniture (especially your living room furniture) can overwhelm the senses and make you feel more stressed. Some pattern isn’t bad. But when it takes over your home and competes with each other, something has to change. Start with a clean background and choose furniture that speaks to one another without the risk of a shouting match breaking out. When you want to add style and flair, choose a single statement piece. Or, go wild with your less-permanent accessories and décor items.

Remember, your home is more than mere shelter. Incorporate these ideas in your interior design to help you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and at home in your home.

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