Tips for Researching Furniture Online

Jan 22, 2019  By Thomasville

When it comes to furniture shopping, nothing beats the real thing. Actually seeing a piece of furniture in a showroom, being able to feel its texture, and criticize its craftsmanship is an experience that can’t be beat. But in the modern era of online everything, the internet does provide a useful way of initiating the furniture-buying process. Here are a few tips for researching furniture online.

Stores with Brick and Mortar Locations

If being able to look at furniture before you buy is important to you, then start your online search at furniture stores with physical locations. Sometimes you think you’ve found the perfect piece online, only to see it in real life and truly hate it. Of course, when you’ve already bought the item, things get more complicated. But when you can browse furniture online, narrow your selection, and view individual pieces free of charge in a showroom, the advantage of online to in-person furniture shopping becomes immediately apparent.

Narrow Your Search by Dimensions

One of the best things about furniture shopping online is that you can do a lot of the legwork upfront from the comfort of your computer. And that includes eliminating furniture that won’t fit your space. Measure the area where you intend to put new furniture, then sit down and search by dimensions. Most online furniture stores will give you the height, width, and depth of a piece, so you can decide whether an item will be too big or too small for your space.

Be Careful About Color

The first thing that stands out about furniture online is its color. But relying on that color to be accurate is risky. Online furniture retailers do a good job of posting photos. And those photos can be helpful, to an extent. But due to the restrictions of monitors, lighting in your home (and on your screen), and the photos themselves, colors can get washed out or even feel more vibrant than in real life.

Compare Prices

Comparison pricing is one of the most convenient aspects of shopping online for just about anything. When you find a few different pieces you like online, you should absolutely compare prices. But be wary about eliminating the more expensive alternative, solely based on price. When it comes to furniture, often the more expensive item is the better option. This is another reason to check out the furniture in person. The more expensive item might be worth the extra cost because it will last longer, and be more comfortable and better looking.

Shopping for furniture online is a great place to start. But it shouldn’t be the only place you shop. Compare prices, review dimensions, and narrow your search online. But to make a decision you can live with for years to come, it’s always best to make a special trip to see the furniture in person.

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