3 Tips for Designing an Office with Modern Furniture

Feb 05, 2019  By Thomasville

An office is more than just functional space where workers punch in, punch out, and put in a hard day’s work. No one wants to work in a sterile, cubicle-filled office environment completely devoid of personality. So, whether you’re designing a home office or giving pointers to improve the space of an office building or place of employment, here are 3 tips for designing an office with modern furniture.

1. Don’t skimp on form or comfort

The first rule of designing a modern office is to understand that your space can be an important perk of employment. When you walk into an office space and it feels more like the comforts of home than a place to do business, you know you’ve succeeded at your design job. Your home office furniture should fit in with the other elements of your home. And traditional office spaces should feel warm and comfortable, filled with traditional décor, inviting chairs and loveseats, and contemporary comforts.

2. Incorporate (and hide) modern amenities

Technology is an essential element to any modern office. Used correctly, it helps people work smarter, faster, and more efficient. And the right modern furniture can enhance the use of technology (and hide it when necessary). As you plan your interior design, look for functional writing desks, media consoles, bookcases, and shelving that neatly display computers, TVs, and other technology, while also enabling your workers to do their jobs as simply as possible.

3. Use furniture to make spaces more functional

Traditional offices are static. You move a heavy desk in and it stays put for the life of the space. Modern offices, on the other hand, are much more flexible. They feature desks, tables, and chairs that you can move around to meet the convenience of a particular meeting or moment. The design of modern furniture is much simpler and sleeker. It makes for a much more dynamic and free-flowing workspace that promotes productivity and practicality. A large, central meeting table may stay put, but the workspace should flow around it adapt to different situations.

As you plan out your new office, don’t forget the role modern furniture can play in maximizing both the form and function of your space.

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