4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look More Elegant

Feb 01, 2019  By Thomasville

Life isn’t always elegant. It can be chaotic, loud, and messy, which makes an elegant home even more important. You need a place that tells you to relax and reminds you of all you have to be glad about. Luxury furniture establishes an elegant foundation, but you can do a few simple things to elevate your home from any starting point.

1. Layer Lighting

Nothing looks good—let alone elegant—without good light. Make the most of what you have with thoughtful lighting design. “Layered lighting” refers to a lighting plan that incorporates different types of light from different sources. Good lighting elevates a room by directing attention to what’s important, and announcing those things are important enough to justify the attention. Use lighting to play up architectural features, to define seating areas, to point out important artwork, to add sparkle and banish shadows. Luxury furniture, with its quality features and attention to detail, will glow under proper lighting.

2. Minimize

Elegance is clean, calm, and never cluttered. The less visual distraction you have, the more stately and important individual pieces will look, whether they’re heirlooms, artwork, luxury furniture, or architecture. Simplify. If you have a collection, gather and confine it (and light it well) to make it a single feature. Otherwise, look for ways to clear surfaces and reduce the number of individual items in a room, focusing on a few things that are worth special attention.

3. Scale Up

Now that you’ve reduced the number of items, make sure what remains is big enough. Nothing will make a room feel awkward and uncomfortable faster than undersized elements. Luxury furniture is substantial and abundant, so limit and then scale up everything around it. Rugs should be large. Artwork should be large. Curtains should hang at the ceiling (or at least well above the window) and should reach to the floor. Upscaling works in both large and small rooms. You will make small rooms feel more spacious by using a few large-scale pieces, and you will make large rooms feel grand by responding to the available volume.

4. Add Texture

Elegance requires a level of sophistication that only texture can provide. Note the materials used in luxury furniture—pebbled leather with polished wood, nubby linens with fringe or tassels, shiny metals with matte stone. Texture provides interest, richness, and depth that goes beyond color. And texture is an easy component to add to existing décor. Look for places to add contrast. Perhaps a reflective surface such as a glass table wants the earthy texture of a wood or stone lamp. A nubby woven throw across a leather ottoman makes the entire seating group more inviting.

Luxury furniture is an ideal foundation, but for a truly elegant home – light it well, minimize clutter, maximize the scale, and enrich all of it with texture. The difference will surprise you, and make you extra glad you have this beautiful place to live.

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