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Feb 08, 2019  By Thomasville

What are the best ways to decorate with color in 2019? Well, what do you like? This year, there’s something for everybody. Whether you lean toward modern with pops of color, or classic monochromatics, or spare neutrals, or Boho style with saturated jewel tones, you can rest assured your home will look fresh and current when you build on one of this year’s top colors.

For the best read on where home décor color trends are headed, we like to watch paint forecasts. Paint manufacturers are the first to see what’s rising in popularity, and when they pick their colors of the year they’re showing us where trends are headed. So here are the top color experts’ 2019 colors, along with our ideas on how to put them to work for you:

Pantone: Living Coral (16-1546). Pantone may not be a paint company, but their business is color, and nowadays the entire design world awaits their declared color of the year. This year, it’s Living Coral, a bright, vibrant orange with gold undertones. If you already like to use bright, clear hues when you decorate with color, Living Color is a natural friend to true blues, jade green, and a range of purples and violets. But you can also use it to wake up a monochromatic room that rests on cool blues, grays, or greens.

Behr: Blueprint (S470-5). Behr chose a blue last year (“In the Moment,” T18-15), which was lighter than this year’s and included green and gray tones. Blueprint is described as “warmer than denim and softer than navy,” and it’s calming and timeless. If you like high-contrast, saturated color, it’s the perfect complement to Living Coral. Or use it as the backbone of a monochromatic color scheme to decorate with color that soothes. If you love this blue but find it too strong for a large space, try an accent wall or a door.

Sherwin Williams: Cavern Clay (SW 7701). If you lean toward organic or Boho style when you decorate with color, check out Cavern Clay, a true terracotta. It’s rich, warm, and earthy, and serves as a backdrop to turn modern jewel tones—deeply saturated blues, greens, violets—into showstoppers. It invites natural stone and wood.

Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan (AF-690). Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is a warm, calming, sophisticated gray. If you’ve had enough of white, but still want a neutral canvas for uncluttered design, this color gives you warmth without driving a color agenda. Finding the right neutral is just as important as choosing the dominant shades when you decorate with color, and Metropolitan is a great one. Check it out with an old color on the rise again: hunter green.

It’s exciting to imagine new ways to decorate with color. Feel free to reach out to us for a design consultation if you want to explore ways you can use these of-the-moment colors, and we’ll help you make sure you’ll be happy with them well into the years ahead.

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