Use Mirrors to Enhance Your Home’s Look

Feb 26, 2019  By Thomasville

Because of the way they reflect light and add dimension to existing space, mirrors are often associated with their ability to create illusion. That same principle holds true in your home. And while illusions can be deceiving, when they are incorporated as a purposeful part of interior design, they can also enhance your home’s appeal. Here are a few tricks you can use with mirrors in your home.

Give a Small Room More Space

Mirrors give the illusion of depth and allow light to bounce around a room for a more expansive feel. If you have a room that feels cramped, try leaning a large floor mirror against a wall. Or hang a large mirror directly on the wall. You’ll be surprised at how much a simple mirror can open up the room, making it feel less cramped and much more comfortable.

Add Ambiance to Your Dining

Add a large mirror to the wall adjacent to your dining room table. Doing so will create the feeling of a grand dining space and accentuate the festive mood you’ve worked so hard to design with your dinner party and family meals.

Create a Focal Point

Even a single mirror, when properly framed or stylized, can draw the attention of an entire room. You can also enhance the aesthetic of your existing statement piece by adding a mirror in just the right location to either reflect light or attract attention to your focal point.

Use Mirrors as Art

By grouping multiple mirrors together on the same wall, you can create something elegant out of something otherwise so simple. Make sure you don’t overburden your wall with too many mirrors or use small mirrors on a larger wall. Other than that, experiment to find the right size and space combination to make an art arrangement that’s uniquely yours.

Enliven a Dull Space

If you have an area of your home that lacks interest, the right mirror can enliven your space without the need to add a lot of visual noise. Whether in your entryway, hallway, or unappealing room, introduce a mirror to add light and provide an extra element of visual interest.

Mirrors aren’t magic, but they can transform your home into something more appealing with their ability to create aesthetic illusions. For even more ideas, check out this post to find the perfect mirrors for your home.

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