4 Things People Look at When They Walk in Your Home

Mar 12, 2019  By Thomasville

First impressions matter. When your guests come into your home, they take immediate inventory of everything they see. And, right or wrong, they form an instant opinion of who you are and how you live simply based on your home’s interior design. Here are four of the most common things your guest notice when they first walk into your home.

1. Traffic Flow

Furniture placement can either create good or bad flow in a home. And your guests will know right away if there’s a traffic jam somewhere. Find your focal wall, which usually has a fireplace or a television, and ensure that your chairs and couches are arranged around that focal point without awkwardly restricting flow. If your home’s flow could use some help, try taking away some of the clutter. Even just reducing the number of unnecessary chairs and side tables, you can create a more natural flow in your home.

2. “Wow” Factor

It might go without saying, but anything that makes a person say, “wow” will immediately be noticed by your guests. That means intriguing chandeliers, amazing interiors, surprising paint, or a view of something beautiful will immediately draw everyone’s attention. The good news is that you can create this wow factor through your interior design. Be bold, but be smart about the statement piece you select for your home. Think about placement, color, and fit so you don’t make your guests say “wow” for the wrong reasons.

3. Too Much Matching

If your home’s furniture is overly matchy-matchy, people will take notice. Matching colors and patterns in your furniture can make a home feel boring at best and tacky at worst. Add character and break up the monotony by incorporating a few pieces that complement each other, but don’t necessarily match. Going monochromatic or falling in love with a single design theme are among the most egregious interior design faux-pas. But even if you regret some of your past furniture purchases, it’s not too late to correct course. Find furniture that both speaks to you and says something interesting about you to your guests.

4. Character

You want to impress your guests, but your home is yours. And the first critic that needs to be satisfied with your interior design decisions is you. Design is personal. Your space should reflect your individual personality and tastes. It should say something about you. And you shouldn’t be afraid to show your true colors, regardless anyone else’s opinion of your home. If your home has character, your guests will certainly take notice. But most importantly, you will be happy that your home’s character reflects the family that actually lives there.

First impressions matter in interior design. So be aware of what your home communicates to your guests and the people that matter most to you.

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