Refresh Your Wall Décor With These Ideas

Mar 09, 2019  By Thomasville

Your walls are filled with endless design possibilities. And every now and again it’s time to hit the refresh button on your current décor and start something new. If you’re tired of your traditional wall décor, here are a few “off the wall” ideas to give you inspiration.

Think Big with Your Art

If you have a large wall in your home that demands attention, but you’re really not sure what to do with it, think big. An oversize painting or photograph creates a focal point that instantly draws the eye of everyone that enters the room.

A Room at the Museum

Maybe you can’t decide which piece to showcase in your space. That’s not a bad problem to have because a gallery wall can make your room feel like a modern museum. Display your art with simple, cohesive frames to bring the room together.

Go Green with Your Walls

Sometimes the only thing a wall needs is a tall potted plant placed directly in front of it. Potted plants add interest to a wall. And positioned right next to your favorite piece of art, they can create a beautiful juxtaposition of styles.

Think Outside the Frame

Instead of hanging up another set of frames, consider other mediums of art like sculptures, shadow boxes, screens, or digital art. These non-traditional wall hangings add texture and depth to a room that framed pieces of art may lack.

Reflect the Real World

Mirrors can add a decorative touch unlike anything else you can put on your walls. Aside from being interesting, mirrors bring light and add depth to a space. They are like windows that can be put on just about any wall.

Wall décor is an essential element of interior design. And best of all, it’s one of the easiest ways to refresh your home’s look when you want to do something a little more experimental. Use these ideas or experiment with some of your own to add brand new appeal to your existing spaces.

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