Create the Look: Dining Room Design

Oct 13, 2017  By Thomasville

As the weather cools, we come back inside, and holidays around the corner push the dining room onto center stage.… >

Furniture, Room to Room

5 Things Every Comfortable Bedroom Should Have

Oct 10, 2017  By Thomasville

Because bedrooms aren’t public spaces, it’s easy to put off giving them serious design attention. But that’s also the reason… >

Room to Room

Classy Halloween Décor Ideas That Won’t Cause a Scare

Oct 06, 2017  By Thomasville

“Restraint” and “elevated taste” aren’t usually terms that you’ll find anywhere near “Halloween decor ideas.” Halloween is supposed to be… >

Seasonal Décor

4 Ways to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse When Shopping for Furniture

Oct 03, 2017  By Thomasville

The more something costs, the more is at stake in the buying decision. It’s one thing to regret the pizza… >


How to Beautify a Purely Functional Space

Sep 29, 2017  By Thomasville

Just because a space is functional doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice its appeal. If you give yourself beautiful spaces… >

Interior Design

Sofa Inspiration

Sep 27, 2017  By Thomasville

When you buy a sofa, you’re usually buying the center of gravity for your room. It’s likely to represent the… >


5 Tips to Help You Survive Your Home Re-Design

Sep 22, 2017  By Thomasville

Planning a home re-design is exciting. Settling into a completed home re-design is delightful. Living through one is…neither of those… >

Interior Design

The Thomasville Experience

Sep 19, 2017  By Thomasville

Home design is about more than colors, lines, and accessories. Home design is personal expression, a way to not only… >


How to Incorporate Autumn Colors in Your Home Design

Sep 15, 2017  By Thomasville

The hallmark of designer home decor is the details, the finishes and touches that complete the look. And when it… >

Seasonal Décor

Mirror Inspiration

Sep 12, 2017  By Thomasville

No matter your design style, there’s a way to elevate it by decorating with mirrors. The right mirror, in the… >

Interior Design

3 Things You Need to Know Before Furnishing a Vacation Home

Sep 08, 2017  By Thomasville

It’s hard to think of two words that go together better than “vacation” and “home.” Everything you love about both… >


Create a Comfortable Living Space Without Making it Look Too Casual

Sep 06, 2017  By Thomasville

When it comes to furniture for home, you want the best of both worlds. Of course you want your statement… >


Dresser Inspiration

Sep 04, 2017  By Thomasville

When it comes to functional furniture, dressers are at the top of the list. They carry everything from clothes to… >


7 Tips for Developing the Perfect Flow to Your Home

Sep 01, 2017  By Thomasville

One of the first functions of interior design is to create flow within a home. Without flow, your home can… >

Furniture, Interior Design

4 Tips to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed When Furniture Shopping

Aug 28, 2017  By Thomasville

Have you ever gone furniture shopping only to encounter a pushy salesperson, or a warehouse full of wrong furniture? After… >


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