Discover Your Style, We’ll Deliver It

What’s worse than dropping an artisan, handcrafted lamp or scratching that amazing Canadian maple dining table? We’ll tell you—damaging them when they’re brand new! From the initial design process to the delivery, Thomasville Utah will be with you every step of the way to ensure your new furnishings arrive intact and look even more fabulous in your home than they did in the store—and this includes a professional, experienced, in-house delivery team.


Unlike the delivery services offered by many other furniture retailers, the Thomasville Utah Delivery Team has been moving high-end products, future family heirlooms, and your most prized possessions into homes since our beginning. Our full-time service manager handles the entire delivery process from receiving to deluxing, and finally, delivery of your purchases. With what we believe to be the most responsible, caring, and trustworthy delivery staff in the state, you can count on a delivery experience that’s the same quality as the products being delivered—exceptional and reliable.

All furnishings are inspected at the warehouse prior to loading and carefully protected before departure. Your items will be held for delivery and will be professionally installed once you are ready. It begins with quality products and ends with you enjoying your new furnishings in your home—moving doesn’t have to be a dreaded event, so stop trying to do all the heavy lifting and let us take the weight off your shoulders.

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