Ellen DeGeneres Line Crafted by Thomasville Furniture

With her bold, unabashed style and unique blend of humor, spontaneity and compassion, Ellen DeGeneres has danced her way into the hearts of millions of TV viewers worldwide, wearing her signature sneakers, of course.

Now, thanks to the ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection by Thomasville Furniture, fans can incorporate Ellen’s unique personality and style into their homes as well.

Thomasville Furniture has crafted more than 100 pieces specially curated to furnish Ellen’s personal homes. The collection features items in two distinct styles, Relaxed Mid Century and Rustic Modern, inspired by Ellen’s love of interior design and architecture.

Like Ellen, ED by Ellen DeGeneres Crafted by Thomasville is a smart blend of style and comfort. It embodies the way she presents herself and lives her life – hip, yet comfortable; cool, but not overly confident. Most importantly, Ellen’s style is all her own.

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